Education can help in dealing with global warming – it is a must!!


Published by kiwiclairec

An educator and research scientist who began her professional career in New Zealand at the University of Otago . I initially specialized in climatology and as the name suggests it was all about climate in various environment. My career then took me to South Africa where I was contracted to the Warer Research Commission. For the next three years I was seconded to the Meteorological Departnent where I was a research scientist on a cloud seeding project in the Orange Free State. Back in New Zealand I was an employed by NREL as an Air Pollution Officer located in Auckland. This work involved licensing and inspection of heavy industry across the North Island. From my home country, I then moved to the USA and began my higher degree studies at Jefferson's university the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. There I was engaged in NASA research projects such as rainfall network data management to Florida Cape Canaveral rain networks, Kwajelin Island and Marshal Island in the Pacific. This eventually became part of the TRMM Tropical Rainfall Measurement Mission, a joint satellite project with Japan and the USA. Other project work included GIS modeling, seagrass depletion in Florida and Brazilian rainforest blowdown, the name just a few. From Virginia I moved to Georgia and joined Georgia Institute of Technology where the research team was modeling monsoon prediction for Bangladesh. Once back in NZ I reverted back to teaching which then brought me to the Middle East where I am based in Bahrain as an educator.

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